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Fly for Less: 4 Great Airfare Hacks

Posted by admin May 5th, 2017
Airfare Hacks

Heading to Myrtle Beach for the summer, or flying out of Myrtle Beach to somewhere else? If you haven’t found the perfect budget fare for your vacation, we’ve got some airfare hacks that are a bit risky, but with a big payoff. Please note that these aren’t your normal, run of the mill airfare hacks.

1. Book a multi-city trip, but only go to one city. Is Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale to El Paso cheaper than Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale direct? Many daring travelers will book the multi-city flight and simply not make their connection. While it seems pretty genius, if you do it too often – or maybe even once – you might get ticketing privileges or frequent flyer miles revoked. We’re not saying you should do this, but it’s worked for many a savvy traveler once or twice before. Pro tip? Don’t bring any luggage. Carry-on only baggage is what makes this trip doable.

2. Points hacking, or manufactured spending. If you’ve got a good credit score and a good handle on your finances, you can apply for credit cards that promise miles bonuses. Once you spend the allocated amount to get the miles bonus, you can cancel the credit card. Just make sure your miles are accrued in your account before you cancel! This credit card shuffling can be cumbersome on those who aren’t extremely financially literate.

Another way to do this? It’s tricky, and we don’t really think it’s that ethical, but – open a credit card. Buy a gift card with the credit card. Buy a money order with the gift card. And, finally, use the money order to pay off the amount you’ve spent on a credit card. If you’re using points-heavy cards, however, you can also book your Myrtle Beach limo service for when you use those points to make it here!

3. Go to school. Frequent Traveler University is a site that hosts seminars for those wishing to hack their travel. The group teaches you how to utilize your points and other airfare hacks to live a luxury lifestyle. This is private, and can be expensive. And, although we know Myrtle Beach is an exclusive and luxury destination, we think you can learn what you need to from free or cheaper resources. But, Frequent Traveler University does boast happy customers. No denying that!

4. Bid in a live auction. There are lots of little known sties online for auctions, as well as live auctions where you can buy cheap airfare and vacation packages. Seatboost hosts just such auctions, and Virgin America likes to sell their discount seats through this platform. You can also bid on upgrades, just be sure you have a good strategy – and an upper limit.

If you’re heading to Myrtle Beach or flying out of the Myrtle Beach area, whether first class or economy, you will need luxury transportation to shuttle you around our lovely beaches and resorts. Carolina Limousine is the best and most trusted transportation company in the area, and our friendly customer service representatives are waiting for you! Give us a call for a consultation, or contact us online. We won’t cost you any points, and we don’t charge that much dough!