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Online Streaming Services Have a Big Travel Problem

Posted by admin June 2nd, 2017
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Have you heard of geo-blocking?

Have you experienced an interruption or ban in Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services while traveling, especially internationally?

That’s geo-blocking.

When you leave the country, the rules surrounding your accounts on the Internet can change. This often means that when you’re traveling abroad, your streaming services will be suspended.

That’s right. You can’t always watch Amazon, Hulu, or even HBO Go!

While this isn’t a problem for most in Myrtle Beach, visitors to the area that have, for example, a European Netflix account, may not be ale to stream the videos or music they want. And for locals, when that Myrtle Beach limo service takes you to the airport, you’ll want to know prior to boarding your flight if your streaming services will work. It’s no fun to get across the pond and to miss watching something you’ve been counting on!

Even if you pre-download, as in the case of Amazon Video or Netflix, you’re not always guaranteed to have regional access in other countries. This can be a huge pain during travel, especially if you’ve got kids who need entertaining during downtime.

With Amazon, you can download specific Prime titles for international viewing prior to leaving the country. There’s also a feature called “Watch While Abroad,” which shows you what you can watch on streaming video when you arrive in your selected country. Beware, though. The titles are not always new releases, or even old favorites.

Video streaming services only available in the United States are CBS All Access, HBO Go, Hulu (which also doesn’t work with proximity servers), PlayStation Vue, and Showtime. Some of these are functional on select United States military bases abroad, as well.

While Netflix is available to watch in most countries, your options of shows and movies will differ from place to place. (In Myrtle Beach, as in the rest of the United States, you’ll have full access to Netflix.)

The only known way around geo-blocking for now is the continue paying for cable. If you have a cable subscription and a Slingbox, which operates a bit like a closed circuit TV system. The problem with this can be if you have family or roommates that are watching TV back at home, you’ll have to watch what’s on at the house.

From Myrtle Beach to the rest of the globe, streaming services can be tricky. If you’re leaving the country soon, make sure to pre-download before you leave, or know the Internet situation at your destination. If you take a Myrtle Beach limo to car service such as Carolina Limousine to the airport, the ride over is the perfect time to review your purchases, downloads, and make sure you’re prepared if you want videos overseas.

While we can’t get rid of geo-blocking, we can make one portion of your trip most enjoyable. Carolina Limousine provides a stress-free Myrtle Beach limo service for all your traveling and transportation needs. Call us for a consultation, or book online today! We specialize in happy travelers.