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Travel Tips: What Your Airplane Seat Choice May Say About You

Posted by admin April 14th, 2017
Travel TIps

Heading to Myrtle Beach soon? Taking a flight? This week’s travel tips are fun! If you want to do an interesting psychological experiment on your next vacation, think about what airplane seat you’d prefer to choose. You can also perform this experiment with friends and loved ones, and it makes for a great conversation!

When you’re booking your flight to Myrtle Beach, use a service or airline that lets you and your family select your seat preferences. Expedia is one of these services, but many airlines (except of course for Southwest Airlines) will let you choose your seat when you’re booking your ticket.

When your family is selecting their seats, pay close attention. (This goes for yourself, too!) Aisle seats are the minority of selected seats, according to Expedia, but only slightly. 45% of traveling passengers chose to sit on the more spacious aisle. Expert psychologists say that an aisle person is one who values freedom and space. It’s more common for people with businesslike attitudes to choose an aisle seat for their airplane ride.

Typically, someone who sits in an aisle seat can be found working on long flights, and not sleeping. You will also often find those who prefer an aisle seat reading a book. Many people also report that they choose an aisle seat so that they don’t have to ask someone’s permission to get to use the airplane lavatory. This speaks to their need for freedom and autonomy. The travelers heading to Myrtle Beach that choose an aisle seat are often coming to the area to get away from the pressures of work – or they might be here for a conference.

55% of the respondents in Expedia’s survey preferred a window seat for their airplane rides. People who chose the window seats, psychologists say, are private people, and they value their ability to “nest.” People who love window seats are more likely to be found napping – idealistically dreaming away in their fantasy world. These dreamers like to take in the view of the blue skies above the clouds, and will most likely be found “zoning out” and thinking on long flights. Window seat lovers on their way to Myrtle Beach will find the relaxed pace of our beautiful community fits well into their love of beautiful views and space and time to think.

Middle seats are rare – hardly anyone chooses those. If you do choose a middle seat, however, the experts say that you’re a hardline extrovert, and you are likely quite chatty. Be careful, talkers! Aisle seat choosers are usually busy, and window seat pickers typically want to sleep. You might not be in for a conversation just because of your seat choice. Does anyone in your family choose a middle seat? They’re likely the life of every family party!

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