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Upstairs at Midtown

Upstairs at Midtown

Upstairs at Midtown is a wedding reception venue located in Charleston, SC. Situated inside an 18th-century property, there are a great many throwbacks to times gone by throughout. Boasting a beautiful design and stunning architecture, it truly is a splendid haven where couples can tie the knot with their nearest and dearest in attendance. Blending contemporary touches with historic features, it marries two distinctive styles together in a beautiful way that surely does justice to elevated occasions.

Boasting some 1,500 square feet of space across the interiors and exteriors, there truly is a lot to admire about Upstairs at Midtown. A great deal of the original building’s charm permeates throughout, and the decor is defined by charming brickwork, pinewood flooring, and an elegant ambience. The function rooms are light, bright, and airy with ample room for intimate celebrations to take place. Overhead, coffered ceilings add appealing refinement to the place, while event rentals may be set up by staff so that everything looks as the couples want it to on their big day. This multifaceted building is charming and full of character with contemporary features and nods to a bygone era.

Upon entering, guests can walk through the foyer which may be laid out with welcome signs and some decorations. Standing cocktail hours of up to 125 people can be held at Upstairs at Midtown. For the all-important ceremony, a number of distinctive function areas are available to make use of. The Rooftop provides an open-air space where couples can exchange vows and become newlyweds. Here, up to 50 wedding party members can watch on from seated positions. On sunny days, it is a particularly beautiful place for a romantic gathering. The Center Room and Right room offer sheltered alternatives to say “I do” where 40 people respectively can share the magical moment. Seated receptions may take place in the Center Room, Right Room, and Rooftop. Conveniently, spaces can be laid out in a variety of ways to suit personal preferences. What’s more, culinary specialists can serve a smorgasbord of delicious fare for everyone to enjoy throughout the festivities.

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