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14 Passenger Limo Coach

The 14p Limo Coach is our smallest Limo Coach in the fleet, but it is our popular vehicle. It is a perfect mixture of spaciousness and togetherness. Groups as small as four and as large as fourteen have created memories in this vehicle. It is favorite for a night out, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and group dinners.

The U-Shaped limo seating allows parties to interact with one another while enjoying alcoholic beverages, or enjoying the company of their close friends and family.

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18 Passenger Limo Coach

The 18P Limo Coach is the fan-favorite for special events. Equipped with lasers, controllable light RGB lights, plush leather seats, and overhead storage, the 18P is perfect for parties that want a little something extra.

The full surround sound system bumps to every playlist and the fully stocked glassware and ice chest gives passengers the perfect foundation of a great night out. Like all of our Limo Coaches the U-shaped limo seating in the 18P allows everyone to have personal space while keeping everyone in the middle of the party.

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22 Passenger Limo Coach

The 22P Limo Coach is features all of the amenities of the 18P, with a slightly larger passenger capacity. The full sound surround sound system, sleek leather seating, ice chest, and fully stocked glassware ensures that our larger groups are able to fully enjoy their experience.

With this vehicle your group will remember the night  as a fun filled event. We have dance parties inside this vehicle as well as corporate events. No matter what takes in this vehicle, it always is the highlight of the event.

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26 Passenger Limo Coach

The largest Limo Coach in our fleet, the 26P is the life of the party. Fully equipped to serve 26 people with glassware and legroom, the 26P makes a large group party feel like a house party.

This vehicle has been reserved by groups as small as 8. The size of the vehicle allows it to accommodate large group comfortable but it also allows it to provide a spacious environment to smaller groups.

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