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2020 MCI

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Up to 56 Passengers

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A generational leap in motor coach comfort, safety, and rider experience not seen since the 1950's. The beginning of changing how you experience large group travel in the future


The MCI offers the industry’s largest interior floor space providing best-in-class legroom and comfortable seating for up to 56 passengers. Traveling in large groups can go only two ways- with everyone happy when they get off or with everyone complaining when they get off. We promise that riding with Carolina Limousine & Coach in one of our MCI's, you and your group will walk down the steps of this motor coach at the end of your journey with a big bright smile. 

The interior has been created with longtime collaborator BMW Group’s Designworks, and the improved ambiance impresses. Seating, trim and lighting upgrades create a striking sense of spaciousness throughout the cabin, including programmable color lighting and a rear window to transform the interior experience. An experience so impressive and memorable, you will have a very hard time riding in any motor coach other than a Carolina Limousine & Coach MCI motor coach.

Airline-inspired ceiling lights and aisle puck lights, and parcel rack trim lights, give this motorcoach a wide-open look and adds ambiance, especially at night. (6) HDMI monitors can provide entertainment to the entire motor coach, and our available WIFI can provide entertainment for the individual.

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Motorcoach with Shadow.png
  • Bendix® (Electronic Stability Program)

  • Amerex fire-suppression system
  • Digital Wheel End Sensing

  • Daytime Running Lights

  • 360 Degree Camera System

  • Integrated Turn Signal Mirrors

  • Traction Control

  • Blind Spot Monitor

  • Lane Departure Warning

  • Lane Keeping Assist

  • Cross-Traffic Alert

Safety Features

  • Lavatory

  • WIFI Available

  • Amaya A-220 thin-back leather seat for improved passenger space, with separate headrest and integral 3-point seatbelts

  • Enhanced LED Interior Lighting

  • AM/FM/CD/DVD with Six 15" HDMI wide screen monitors

  • Theatre-style tiered seating in first three rows provides exceptional passenger views, featuring integrated center aisle ramp for easy entry and exit


Up to 56 Passengers

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