Sedans & SUV's
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The Lincoln Continental

Experience the pinnacle of comfortable and performance with our line of luxury sedans. All sedans are equipped with a suite of the 5 most popular Driver Assist Technologies allowsing our drivers to pilot the safest possible journey.

Our line of sedans are the superior vehicle choice for business professionals traveling to and from the airport or traveling long-distance with us in a city to city transfer. This vehicle is also well suited for couples looking for a safer and more reliable transportation option after dinner or a night out.

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The Chevy Suburban

The Chevy Suburban offers a more contemporary take on the full-size SUV’s legendary functionality, performance, and convenience features- making it the perfect vehicle for active families and groups who need extra space for many passengers and their cargo.

Inside the Suburban, premium materials and enhanced ergonomics demonstrate the perfect blend of sophistication, craftsmanship and function. The second- and third-row seats’ available power-release folding option makes it easier to load bulky items from the rear, and eases entry/exit to the third row. .

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The Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade has defined authenticity and ambition for decades. It is the vehicle of choice for those that dare greatly, for those that work for a greater purpose for not only themselves but for others. To the parents that strive to give their children a better life than they had, to the travelers that believe that the journey is an experience all it is own, Carolina Limousine & Coach offers our Cadillac Escalade to anyone bold enough to choose it.

That choice will invite you to experience the obsessive craftsmanship of the natural wood finished to the painstakingly crafted leather seats. It’s a rare talent. The innate ability to command nearly any situation. The Cadillac Escalade does not only have that talent, it is the flagship.